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I have always had a love for beautiful fabrics and consequently, I have always been fascinated by the history and workmanship that goes into weaving and producing them. A lot of times my design inspiration for a jacket can come just from seeing a beautiful fabric that I must have. This is exactly what happened when I saw this beautiful peach/orange and silver brocade fabric, so I cut it up and sewed it into this ¾ sleeve women’s cropped blazer which I am calling the Broccato jacket. Brocade is a cloth elaborately woven with a raised pattern, but the name itself comes from the Italian word “broccato” meaning embossed cloth. In the past, the word brocade has always been associated with luxury and opulence and therefore is still loved and used by fashion designers today. It is usually woven with different color combination yarns and sometimes combined with gold or silver. I love this pretty, peachy, orange color combination combined with metallic silver. I feel this is a great way for my clients to introduce the metallic trend for spring into their wardrobe.

For our visit to LACMA, (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) I decided to wear my Broccato jacket and dress it down by wearing it with my distressed jeans. I always love combining the dressy with the casual, so I thought wearing it with these jeans would make the jacket more modern and edgy. Since the jacket itself is made from such a beautiful fabric, I wanted to wear it with a camisole and some simple delicate jewelry so that I did not take away from the beauty of the jacket and make it too busy.

The Los Angeles Museum Of Contemporary Art

I enjoyed going back to the LACMA. It had been a while since my last visit and now, they have installed a few new exhibits that are amazing to walk around and admire, like the “Urban Light” sculpture by Chris Burden. This work of art incorporates more than two hundred and two antique restored cast iron Los Angeles County street lamp posts all grouped together to create a surreal and very dramatic feature. I can only imagine how striking this exhibit looks all lite up at night. The other interesting outdoor exhibit was “Levitated Mass” by Michael Heizer, which is a 340 ton granite megalith boulder affixed above a modern concrete trench through which visitors can walk. If you are visiting Los Angeles, I would say the LACMA is a must visit during your stay. We had a great day walking around all the exhibits and admiring all of the creative exhibitions.
I hope you enjoy my pictures and let me know what you think about our Broccato jacket –



















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