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Casual Look For A Movie And Dinner Date

As I have mentioned a few times on my blog stories in the past, my husband and I enjoy seeing good movies together, especially for casual date nights. Having said that good movies don’t seem to come along as often any more. These days it seems like a lot of movies are made with certain formula that revolves around similar boring story lines and action sequences just so Hollywood can sell lots of tickets, this seems especially true for a number of recent action movies.

So when my husband mentioned to me that he really wanted to see “Mad Max Fury Road” I was somewhat hesitant. Tom Hardy is one of his favorite actors and he loved the first two original “Mad Max Movies” that came out back in the early eighties. He showed me the movie trailer which looked amazing, but I was a still apprehensive about seeing it. As I have gotten older, action movies are not that enjoyable for me and I tend to like dramas, period pieces, foreign movies, documentaries and comedies if they are good. But Tim really wanted to see this movie and I had to agree the trailer did look pretty good.

So we decided to head out Saturday night get some dinner and see the movie. I had also seen the original Mad Max movies with Mel Gibson but to be honest I really didn’t remember them well. I just remember, my teenage girlfriends and I thought Mel Gibson was so hot at the time.

The new “Mad Max Fury Road” movie is a mesmerizing ride of non-stop action and imaginative scenery, combined with great acting especially by Charlize Theron from beginning to end. The cinematography and visual effects are amazing and you can’t help but be drawn in. I was pleasantly surprised that I actually really enjoyed this movie. It could be because it is so much more creative than any other action movie I have ever seen. Having said that I do have to say it will not be for everyone and it does contain violence and some disturbing scenes. Nevertheless I would still highly recommend this movie if you or your significant other like action packed films.

So for my casual look for this dinner/movie date night with Tim, I wore my favorite jeans with a long sleeve tee and my Zara jacket which I wore on the blog the first time here. It has been rainy and much cooler here in Los Angeles over the last few weeks, so it was a good excuse for me to add one of our new scarves to keep me warm. We have added a number of really cute new scarves this weekend to our web site, so please be sure to take a look at them if you get a chance here. To add some color to the outfit, I added my comfy red Gucci ballerina flats that I wear all the time and one of our new two tiered necklaces that I love and I was ready to go.

You can get the scarf here and the necklace here.

What do you think of my casual look and have you seen the new Mad Max movie?











Jacket – Zara

Jeans – Rag & Bone

Tee shirt – Uniqlo

Shoes – Gucci

Bag – Gucci

Belt – The Limited

Scarf – Jacket Society

Necklace – Jacket Society

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