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I know we all have black jackets and blazers in our closets. Some are basics which we all need at certain times, for example to wear to the office, and others are more novelty with an interesting fabric, cut or detailing.

Our Black Eyelet embroidered jacket is a combination of both. It is a pretty classic blazer with a few novelties, with the main one being the eyelet embroidered fabric. It also has a ribbon detailing all around the collar and pocket flaps and one big button which is more for decoration than function. There is a snap behind the button but I think most women will wear this jacket open.

In my look today I wanted to show you and point out a few tips about how you can take a black jacket or blazer, doesn’t matter if it is basic or novelty, and modernize it. Here are some pointers in what I used to make my black jacket look fresher:

  1. Wear it with a bottom that is trendy – I wore mine with my cropped flared jeans
  2. If your bottom is basic then choose a top that has a trend element
  3. Choose fashion forward shoes – I wore my lace up sandals that I love for this summer
  4. If your shoes are basic, use a bag style that is trendy – I wore my vintage Chanel bag as a cross body bag which is trending now
  5. Add accessories to update your look – I chose my silk scarf neck tie which I have worn two different ways and it can be worn many other ways as well
  6. Scrunch up the sleeves of the jacket and pull the collar up to give it a cool factor
  7. Use a great jewelry piece like a statement necklace or earrings – Since I had a neck tie on, I chose to wear a stack of bracelets as my statement jewelry piece

I hope these pointers are helpful in inspiring you to try different looks with your black jacket.






























Cropped flare jeans – Banana Republic

Top – H&M

Lace up sandals – Dolce Vita

Bag – Vintage Chanel

Sunglasses – BCBG




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