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As a fashion designer and style blogger I always try to keep on top of trends, but this does not mean I incorporate every trend into my designs or my own style. When I was younger, I definitely tried more trendy items and even wore pieces that may have not been flattering just for the sake of it being the hot trend of the moment. Obviously as I have gotten older, I still pay attention to trends but I incorporate the ones that work for me and make sense to my customers and readers.

For fall and winter I have classic pieces in my wardrobe that I call the “bread and butter” of my closet. These are pieces like:

  1. White t shirts (short and long sleeve)
  2. Skinny jeans in blue and black
  3. Basic sweaters in neutrals and black
  4. Black faux leather leggings
  5. Black booties, loafers and sneakers

As you can see I didn’t mention any jackets or blazers, even though my closet is filled with them. The reason for that is I have so many classic jackets and blazers I have collected throughout the years that are still fashionable and I wear them on daily basis. This is one of the best things about purchasing classic jackets and blazers, you get a lot of use out of them.

For fall and winter, most days my outfit will consist of black skinny jeans, long sleeve white tee, a neutral sweater on top (if its cold) and one of my classic blazers that is either a solid color, houndstooth, herringbone or any classic pattern, black booties and I am good to go. To finish off the look, I either add a necklace or two or a scarf, or both. Personally I also love belts, but I know this is not for everyone.

Today I am showing you a look that I would call classic and timeless as all the pieces I am wearing can be worn for many years to come.

  1. A basic turtleneck (can be replaced with a crewneck)
  2. Black skinny pants (can be replaced with straight leg pants)
  3. Black pumps
  4. Our Blaire Houndstooth Blazer which is a classic cut and fabric
  5. Our Black/Cream geometric pattern wrap which can be worn for many years to come
  6. A few of our necklaces that will never go out of style

I believe most of our wardrobes should be filled with classic and timeless pieces that we can wear for a long time. Then you can add some trendy pieces in the mix to freshen them up each season.














Blaire Houndstooth Blazer – Jacket Society

Black Cream Geometric Pattern Wrap Shawl – Jacket Society

Double Strand Burgundy Bead Necklace – Jacket Society

Long Black Bead Necklace With Marbleized Stone And Earrings – Jacket Society

Black skinny pants – BCBG (old)

Black pumps – D&G (old)

Bag – Gucci

Turtleneck – Zara






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